Amazon Product Descriptions

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Writing the best titles and product descriptions for Amazon will make a huge difference in how the site indexes your store in their search engine and how potential customers interact with your items. We understand how competitive Amazon is when it comes to selling. That's why we optimize all of your content to stand out from the competition!

Just choose the number of unique product descriptions that you need under "Number of Products". Each Amazon product description we write for you will be 350 - 400 words. With this purchase, we'll also provide you with an SEO-optimized title for your product.

To sum it up, with this purchase you will receive: 

☆ A 350 - 400 word product description
☆ An SEO-optimized title

Once you purchase this item:

① Within 24 hours you'll be emailed a short questionnaire to fill out about your products.

② You'll fill out the the questionnaire and email it to the address listed on the form. If you would also like to chat with us about what you need by phone, Skype or email, just let us know. We're always happy to talk to you!

③ You'll sit back and relax while we write amazing product descriptions for you. All of our product descriptions are written by a native English speaker. They're also reviewed by editors before they're sent to you. If you have any changes for us, no worries! You'll get 2 FREE revisions. We will email you up to 5 product descriptions in 10 business days from the time we receive your filled-out questionnaire. For orders over 5 product descriptions, we will schedule a due date with you.

☆ Please note: We cannot guarantee an increase in sales, views or favorites due to the fact that SEO is complex. However, we do guarantee flawlessly written descriptions that utilize SEO and marketing techniques.

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